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About Amy

Helping You on Your Path to Wellness

       Amy Thornton, LMT

Through her education at Atlanta School of Massage, Amy is certified to assist the healing power of the body through the modality of Massage Therapy.

Amy loves the opportunity she gets daily to change people's lives for the better with the power of positive touch. Her nurturing and empathetic spirit help her to zero in on her client's body work needs. Whether it is complete relaxation you desire or an area that is needing a bit more attention she always delivers TLC to her clients through a thoughtful plan of action.

Having experienced and suffered through many of the common muscle group ailments herself she has learned what works on these issues so she can successfully pass them on to her clients aiding them in their healing journey.

Her areas of certification and experience include:

Swedish - light, moderate and deep work


Lymphatic drainage therapy - LDT - 1, LDT - 2 through the Chikly Health Institute

Prenatal massage - In these sessions both mommy and baby benefit!


Plantar fasciitis/heel pain

Piriformis syndrome/sacral iliac ailments


As an LMT she takes her responsibility to facilitate healing in the human body with great dedication. If you come to see her you will not only receive a therapeutic treatment but also she will teach you something you can do on your own at home. She will discuss the nature of your pain while you have arrived at this pain what you can do as a team player to improve your health through recommended stretches and better daily activities that can contribute to your overall health.

Amy is a mother of three older sons, a native of Colorado, transplanted in Georgia in 2004. She loves the outdoors and activities of hiking, biking, fly fishing and nature and portrait photography as well as jumping on the Harley for a ride with her husband whenever time allows.

She is passionate about teaching others about the benefits of massage. The 90-minute massage session is her most desirable as it allows for attention to the troubled areas as well as ushering her clients into deep relaxation and rejuvenation. She also loves those “Eureka” moments that she experiences with her clients when the healing puzzle piece is discovered.

Amy chose the profession of Massage Therapy after many other professional endeavors left her feeling empty and with meaningless outcomes. "Massage is an avenue for me to provide positive touch in the lives of my loved ones and in the lives of those in my surrounding community and l KNOW it makes a difference!"

She is thrilled that she is able to also help facilitate healing through Lymphatic Drainage therapy.

"It's truly amazing to see how client’s swollen limbs and post plastic surgery clients “shrink” as the "waters" of the body are aided in their pathways through manual lymphatic therapy."

Amy thanks you for considering a massage session with her in your efforts to become a healthier YOU!

“Life is precious; Growth is daily; Change is inevitable; Challenges are opportunities to be victorious!”

Photo Credit: Amy Thornton Photography

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